Civilian Protection Component

The Civilian Protection Component of the IMT has the following roles and tasks:


  • Monitor the safety, security and protection of civilians,
  • Monitor the needs, delivery of relief and rehabilitation support to Internally Displaced Persons,
  • Monitor the sanctity of places of worships and other protected buildings, in the conflict affected areas.
  • To strengthen ownership of the peace process.


  • Organise visits to barangays and introduce the roles and responsibility of CPC.
  • Conduct workshops and seminars on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws.
  • Establish good working rapport of IMT and CPC members inclusive nominated NGOs with the local population in order to support ongoing Peace Talks.
  • Establish good rapport with local government units and other related authorities in order to support initiatives to enhance safety and security of the people.
  • Support any peaceful means of conflict resolution on the ground with the view of localising conflict and reduce tension among feuding parties.
  • Conduct surveys and collection of related information that would enhance the effectiveness of the IMT and CPC.